About Us

The Neuro Bureau is a forum and collaborative initiative that supports “open neuroscience” — embracing the ideas that data, methods, and ideas can be freely shared. Translating the ethos of open neuroscience into action is an exciting challenge to the way we often work and publish.

The Neuro Bureau’s immediate goal is to establish a spirit and forum for open neuroscience, and to facilitate the translation of that ethos into action by conducting successful large open interdisciplinary collaborative efforts — such as releasing the preprocessed version of the ADHD-200 competition dataset. The Brain-Art Competition is likewise an effort to bring attention to the more aesthetically-oriented aspects of our field, and to publicize and encourage creative developments taking place at the nexus of art and neuroimaging.

We encourage interested scientists inside and outside the neuroimaging community, as well as artists and researchers from related fields to bring their own initiatives. Please share The Neuro Bureau with others you think might be interested, and… let’s be open about it.