abstract_’Depressed – Not Depressed’ 2014_2_by_Annelies Slabbynck

Annelies SlabbynckVisual artist
Annelies Slabbynck
Visual artist

Depressed – Not Depressed’ exists out of old enlarged Chinese passport pictures (1 darker and 1 lighter print), small embroidered (with existing bird image) silk cloth dolly and embroidery yarn. Technique: handmade embroidery. Measurements: A3 format. The representation of the embroidered brains are based on PET brain scans of a ‘depressed’ brain/person and a ‘not depressed’ brain/person. A PET scan can compare brain activity during periods of depression with normal brain activity. An increase of blue and green colours, along with decreased white and yellow areas, shows decreased brain activity due to depression.

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