Crossing Fibers: A Retrospectroscopic View

The organizing committee of the iPET.6 symposium invited the Neuro Bureau to display their art-science exhibition and conduct a symposium within their main event. The art exhibition took place at the foyer of the Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig, on November 21st.


The symposium on the interdisciplinary practice of art and science and the effectiveness of such collaborations took place on the same day as the art exhibition (November 21st) at the lecture hall. Dr. Margulies talked about the Neuro Bureau e.V., its past and current exhibitions and art competitions, as well as future projects involving artists and scientists. Jeremy Shaw, screened an own movie that explores altered mental states, focusing on the aesthetic and scientific valences of psychedelics.


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Noah Hutton for creating the flyer of the exhibition/symposium

indexKlinik und Poliklinik für Nuklearmedizin

Organized by
Daniel Margulies, Natacha Mendes, Glad Mihai,Tamara Vanderwal