Brain Art Competition 2011

Best 3-Dimensional Brain Rendering

Winner:         Rebrain – Roberto Toro Runner Up:   Generative Embedding for Neuroimaging – Kay H. Brodersen

Best Representation of the Human Connectome

Winner:         Functional connectivity differences between the sexes visualised using hierarchical edge bundling – John McGonigle Runner Up:   White Matter Fiber Tracts: Visualizations of fiber track data from diffusion MY imaging – Betty Lee

Best Abstract Brain Representation

Winner:          The Brain Tree – Silje Soeviknes, Erlend Hodneland, Judith Haász Runners Up:  Slices if life – Mireia Guitart, in collaboration with Dr. Simon Surguladze Amygdala anatomy and associated symptomalogy in autism – Isabel Dziobek & Michael Madore

Best Humorous Brain Representation

Winner:          MRT Studies: Structural differences – Andrea Carolin Lörwald Runner Up:    Keep it Fresh – Anonymous Latvian artist (contributed by Sebastian Urchs)