Levels of Thought (2017)

Levels of Thought: From Micro to Macro to Meta

This year's art exhibition featured pieces by established artists and scientists, representing the various levels of thought through which one can appreciate the beauty of the human brain.

While images of brain tissue at the microscopic level have been appreciated for their raw aesthetic beauty since the late 19th century drawings of Ramon y Cajal, modern neuroimaging techniques have provided the opportunity to produce equally stunning images depicting the brain’s incredible complexity at the macroscopic level, as well as adding dimensionality by often encompassing information about both space and time. Levels of Thought: From micro to macro to meta will showcase the beauty of the brain seen through various lenses, from the human eyes of artists and scientists to the micro- and macro-scale views of the tools we use to study its structure.

The exhibition included pieces by artists such as Elizabeth Jameson (known for her work inspired by her personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis), Richard Bright (artist and editor of Interalia magazine), Nathalie Regard (Mexico City based artist whose intriguing work exploring dreams has been displayed at several previous OHBM art exhibitions), and Greg Dunn (neuroscientist and artist known for stunning handmade lithographs), as well as contributions by members of the OHBM community.

All photo credits: Estrid Jakobsen

Supported by
Many Thanks to

Noah Hutton for creating the poster of the exhibition; Emily Finn for allowing us to use her drawing in the poster.

Organized by
Aman Badhwar, Daniel Margulies, Pierre Bellec, Estrid Jakobsen, and Natacha Mendes