Crossing Fibers: A Neuroretrospectroscopic View

Since 2011, the brain-art competition at the OHBM annual meeting has provided an active interface between art and science. Hundreds of submissions in multiple categories have showcased the beauty of the brain from diverse perspectives. This year’s exhibit celebrates this tradition by bringing together past and present works in a 5-year retrospective. The exhibition will be on display at three different venues:

1) Hawaii Convention Center (Honolulu)

2) Humboldt Graduate School (Berlin)

3) Kunstkraftwerk (Leipzig), within the iPET.6 symposium

Please come by and enjoy the view through the neuroretrospectroscope!

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Many Thanks to

Noah Hutton for creating the flyer of the exhibition/symposium

Organized by
Daniel Margulies, Natacha Mendes, Glad Mihai,Tamara Vanderwal