Alzheimer’s Mystery of Medical Science

Rick Garner	

Kennesaw State University
Rick Garner Kennesaw State University

My work deals with issues of brain function, brain injury and mental health. Imagery is appropriated from many sources and includes objects in nature, manmade objects, medical research data and others. This imagery is then combined to mimic neural architecture or function metaphorically expressing issues, operations and interpretations of the human brain/mind.

One such use of natural imagery is that of bare tree branches that I often use to mimic neurons. These dendritic forms found in nature contain the same architectural structure as that of the neuronal imagery of neuroscience. The patterns and structural similarities hold endless fascination for me as they appear to be primordial archetypes of some universal form present in natural, biological and manmade elements. As such, they are not only forms,but forms which perform vital functions.

“Alzheimer’s Mystery of Medical Science” composed on a background of broken neural connections shows the diminished human element not only overcome by disease, but as well by the medical data and scans used in search of relief.

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