The Brain Tree

Silje Soeviknes, Erlend Hodneland, Judith Haász

My submission to the Brain-Art competition is a drawing of a tree that has the shape and look of a brain. I come from Norway and in my language the brain stem is called the ""brain tree trunk"" (hjernestamme) and the brain cortex is called the ""brain tree skin"" (hjernebark). This is why I made the drawing of the brain as a tree. The brain and the tree also have other similarities. They both have roots that go down into the body or into the ground and they're both vital to their owner - the human or the earth. Everything in my drawing is from different trees, but the shape of the treetop equals the shape of the brain. And the different regions of the brain can be found in the drawing as other treelike shapes. I am not a scientist myself, but an illustrator. But I have had help from scientists Erlend Hodneland and Judith Haász from the University in Bergen in planning and discussing the illustration.
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