Ventral view

Dagmara Kociszewska
University of Aberdeen
Roughly 7% of the population has some form of colour perception deficiency. Such individuals are unable to discriminate between green and red (protanopia and deuteranopia) or blue (tritanopia). Colour perception deficiencies are a well acknowledged problem in many sectors (e.g. maps, traffic signs, and website "“ related design) and steps have been taken to increase visual information perception. Ironically, it is the biomedical sector that still fails to acknowledge the issue and both biomedical researchers and illustrators still create pictures whose information is undecipherable by 1 in 12 individuals. In the submitted piece, the ventral view of the optical chiasm is represented with individual lobes coloured by carefully selected colours and hues to make it understandable by both normal vision as well as colour perception-deficient individuals.
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