High Symmetry of Interhemispheric Functional Connectivity

Hang Joon Jo
(Upper One) Anatomically homologous locations across hemispheres. The nodes with same colors in both hemispheres correspond to each other which are located in the most similar position on each cortical surface. (Lower Left) The functionally correlated locations on the right hemisphere of left seed points from the group map of 40 subject. The seed points have one connection to the contralateral hemisphere, and the functional homologues, which are the targets of seed points in correlation analysis, can have multiple connections or no connection with the seed points. The time-series of a seed point with a color is maximally correlated to that of a target location with the same color in the contralateral hemisphere. (Lower Right) The right seed points and their functional homologues. If the time-series of seed points were homologously connected to those of locations in the contralateral hemisphere. Most regions on both hemispheres are functionally correlated to locations close to their anatomical homologues in their contralateral hemisphere.
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