Art Exhibition 2017

This year’s art exhibition features pieces by established artists and scientists, representing the various levels of thought through which one can appreciate the beauty of the human brain. The exhibition (June 25-29, 2017) will include pieces by artists including Elizabeth Jameson (known for her work inspired by her personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis), Richard Bright …Read More

Art Exhibition 2015

The art exhibit 2015 pretends to bring together the works that best represents the synergy between neuroscience and the art worlds. This year the exhibition will be on display at three different venues. The first exhibition was held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) from June 14-18, 2015 (OHBM meeting). The second …Read More

Brain-Art Competition 2015: Deadline June 3rd

Submission Deadline: 11:59PM CDT, Wednesday, June 3th, 2015!  For more information, check out the competition details and submission form. We’re also thrilled to announce that the award notification will take place at the Neuro Bureau Gala during the OHBM meeting in Honolulu (Hawaii, USA). Attendance at the Gala is encouraged, but not required for submission to the competition. …Read More

Upcoming opportunities for artistically-inclined neuroscientists

With summer arriving, there are plenty of opportunities to express your creativity in the neuro-domains. For the artistically inclined, a few contests and initiatives are listed below: The 2013 Brain-Art Competition deadline is only a few days away! Just a reminder that we’d be thrilled to receive your submissions by June 5th. If you’re feeling …Read More

Subjective Resonance Imaging: an International Brain/Art Gallery Show at HBM 2013

We’re excited to announce that the full lineup is confirmed for the gallery show we’ll be presenting next month in Seattle in conjunction with the 2013 Human Brain Mapping conference, entitled Subjective Resonance Imaging. The conference organizers have graciously given us a large area in the center of the lobby to present the artwork, which …Read More

Smells like brain spirit!

For many of us, the 1990s is remembered as The Decade of the Brain. But on the opposite coast from congress, a music and fashion scene was brewing in Seattle that would come to characterize the art and attitude of the 90s. Collectively described as ‘grunge’, what better way to pay tribute to Seattle’s trendsetting contribution to …Read More

Art@HBM, Neurocartographies : conclusion

Time flies and it’s already been six months since the wonderful experience of human brain mapping, Québec 2011. It has been an amazing conference in many respects, and certainly a very exciting time for the NeuroBureau. There are many, many more exciting projects to come, yet, before heading towards new adventures, we would like to …Read More

art@HBM: Introducing Giovanni Casu

“The “rooms” are invaded by figurative structures that represent the architecture of a state of mind , at a time(T), described as precisely as possible. This architecture is based on a dynamical system that represents the biological structures of the brain, working together to build self, consciousness, imagination etc.” I wanted to start this small …Read More