Contribute to Brainspell

Brainspell integrates two of the most forward thinking open-science initiatives in the neuroimaging community: neurosynth and cognitive atlas. The online tool, designed by Roberto Toro, contains the current neurosynth database of the coordinates from 9179 research articles, and allows users to curate, correct, and annotate them with experimental terms and categories from the cognitive atlas. The full database …Read More

Brainhack 2013 registration now open!

We are thrilled to draw your attention on the upcoming Brainhack 2013, which is being held from October 23-26 at the Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques, Sèvres, France (just outside of Paris). Brainhack 2013 is a unique workshop with the goals of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and open neuroscience. The structure builds from the concepts of an …Read More

Announcing Brainhack in Paris, 23-25 October 2013

Mark your calendars for Brainhack 2013, which will be held from October 23rd-25th, 2013, at the Seminar Center of the Centre international d’études pédagogiques just outside Paris. More information about the Unconference and Hackathon will be available soon, as well as registration details. For further information on Brainhack and the 2012 Unconference, check out: The …Read More

Announcing the OHBM 2013 Hackathon

The OHBM 2013 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) announced the HBM Hackathon, a meeting-long analysis and resource building competition designed to accelerate the connection between open neuroscience and cloud computing. With support from the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Amazon Web Services, and numerous other contributors, the 2013 meeting in Seattle will include an integrated hack …Read More

The Age of Collaboration

The future of neuroimaging, neuroscience, and the end of neurological diseases and disorders lies in collaboration. To this end, I encourage researchers to make their software open source and publicly available. I have already begun putting the tools that I develop on the NITRC website. I would encourage people to look at these tools and build upon …Read More

A Brave New World of Open Science

In 2009, Timothy Gowers, a renowned mathematician at Cambridge University, proposed a difficult and interesting mathematical problem, of which he did not have the answer. Unlike seeking the answer in the traditional manner (by whipping hordes of graduate students and post-doc fellows), he instead posted the question on his blog and asked for anyone and …Read More