Contribute to Brainspell

Brainspell integrates two of the most forward thinking open-science initiatives in the neuroimaging community: neurosynth and cognitive atlas. The online tool, designed by Roberto Toro, contains the current neurosynth database of the coordinates from 9179 research articles, and allows users to curate, correct, and annotate them with experimental terms and categories from the cognitive atlas. The full database …Read More

Lifespan R-fMRI/DTI/physiological recording data and more available

The 1000 Functional Connectomes Project (FCP) and its International Neuroimaging Data-sharing Initiative (INDI) would like to draw attention to the recent Nathan Kline Institute-Rockland Sample (NKI-RS) data releases. The NKI-RS is a large-scale (n=1000) imaging sample, sampling the lifespan (ages 6-85.0), using state-of-the art multiband (‘low TR’) resting state fMRI and diffusion imaging. Participants in …Read More