art@HBM: Introducing Elizabeth Jameson

We just received a piece from Elizabeth Jameson for Art@HBM. The piece is huge, and it is going to be a real challenge to set it up for the show. Needless to say, that's the kind of challenge we like, and the real-size piece is simply stunning. Ms Jameson is a pioneer of artwork that deals with the convergence of medical technology, neuroscience and art. Utilizing state-of-the-art neuroimaging technologies, she displays parts of the brain in ways rarely before seen.

''Carousel'', Digital Collage of MRIs and Hand-Pulled Prints, 2' x 10'.


''Kaleidescope'', Digital Collage of Hand-Pulled Prints, 3' x 18'.

Diagnosed with MS in 1991, she found herself confronting stark MRI images of her brain that seemed equally frightening and mesmerizing.  In tackling this contradiction, she felt a strong urge to reinterpret these images -- to use them to explore the wonder, mystery  and beauty of all brains, including those with a disease. Ms. Jameson's work is displayed in private collections in neuroscience centers and universities throughout the United States. Her work has also been featured  in the online magazine The Beautiful Brain.  More informations can be found at Ms Jameson does work with a variety of materials. She has in particular produced some pieces derived from medical images and made out of silk. Have a look at the gorgeous details in the following pictures :

When the brain meets silk, part I

When the brain meets silk, part II

As you will see in that last picture, some of Ms Jameson's works are really large: We are very much looking forward having this work presented in full size at HBM. Stay tuned for the next teasers, the conference is drawing near ! Daniel Margulies, Pierre Bellec & The Neurobureau.

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