Smells like brain spirit!

For many of us, the 1990s is remembered as The Decade of the Brain. But on the opposite coast from congress, a music and fashion scene was brewing in Seattle that would come to characterize the art and attitude of the 90s.

'Grunge' in stylish shirt-form

Collectively described as 'grunge', what better way to pay tribute to Seattle's trendsetting contribution to 90s culture than with the

Grunge Gala: Smells like brain spirit

The Neuro Bureau is thrilled to announce the Grunge Gala to be held on Monday, June 17th at The Crocodile in Seattle. In keeping with previous Gala events in Barcelona, Quebec City, and Beijing, we have a line-up of spectacles and surprises that tap into the pulse of the city. The evening will begin with announcing the winners of the 2013 Brain-Art Competition, and will continue will an open mic and further surprises. Got a hidden talent? Or an outwardly visible talent? Bring it along! We'd love to have some great acts for the open mic portion of the evening, so please get in touch through the link below to sign up. For more info on the event and to sign up for the open mic in advance, check out the Grunge Gala page.

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