The Hub at Wellcome Collection

The Hub at Wellcome Collection is a new initiative located in the heart of London to actively foster interdisciplinary collaboration across academia, policy, and the arts. Much will be developing over the coming months as the Hub takes shape, but to give you a feel for Wellcome's vision for the space: The inaugural residents were announced last week, and will be bringing together a team of collaborators to explore rest and busyness. Rest evades clear definition the closer one looks, and the challenge of developing our understanding of what rest is, what it means to us, and the variety of ways we strive for it, will constitute the shared aim of the 22 month residency. As articulated in a recent article in The Guardian by group leader Felicity Callard:
But what are the criteria for judging if a mind is at rest? What accounts for the unevenness in people's experiences of mental "rest"? And can we broaden the repertoire of practices that people use – beyond mindfulness training and yoga – to find rest in their everyday lives?
The first residency will begin in October 2014 on the fifth floor of the Wellcome Collection, and the Neuro Bureau will be there with bells on. For more information, check out the press release from Wellcome here.

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