Tal Yarkoni Brainhacks!

When we began laying out the schedule (or structured lack thereof) for Brainhack, we took many tips from the hackathon and unconference scenes. These organizational tools facilitate an organized chaos, where the core of the gathering becomes active collaboration. But as many of us know, starting off with energy in the morning may require an extra boost. Ignite talks, structured as brief, high energy talks, provide the inspired jolt of caffeine to rouse a room of unconferencers. We were thrilled when Tal Yarkoni accepted our invitation. And even more excited when we saw his blog post in anticipation of Brainhack. Tal embodies the spirit of open neuroscience through NeuroSynth, an open source, web-based meta-analysis software. And he seems to have enjoyed his time at Brainhack sufficiently to organize his own focusing on NeuroSynth projects in May. If you're into data mining, brain imaging, programing, collaborating, web apps, or Denver, and happen to be free from May 23rd–26th, we would suggest you reserve a place soon. If you're still uncertain if Brainhack is right for you, want to relive the magic, or just enjoy a really good presentation, check out this treat from Tal:

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