Art Exhibition 2015

The art exhibit 2015 pretends to bring together the works that best represents the synergy between neuroscience and the art worlds. This year the exhibition will be on display at three different venues. The first exhibition was held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) from June 14-18, 2015 (OHBM meeting). The second …Read More

NeuroBureau Newsletter 1.0

At the front of this year’s art exhibit at HBM, sat a table.  And for some reason–maybe simply because it stayed in the same place the entire time–the table took on a life of its own. Important information such as where the bathrooms were located, what time the plenary started, and if the program brochures …Read More

Brain-Art Competition 2013 Open for Submissions!

In order to recognize the beauty and creativity of artistic renderings emerging from the neuroimaging community, we are launching the third annual Brain-Art Competition. Countless hours are devoted to the creation of informative visualizations for communicating neuroscientific findings. The Brain-Art Competition aims to recognize this often unappreciated aspect of the publication process, and highlight the …Read More

art@HBM: Introducing Giovanni Casu

“The “rooms” are invaded by figurative structures that represent the architecture of a state of mind , at a time(T), described as precisely as possible. This architecture is based on a dynamical system that represents the biological structures of the brain, working together to build self, consciousness, imagination etc.” I wanted to start this small …Read More